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The generation game
The lack of cross-generation compatibility between technologies has led Fujifilm to introduce the concept...
The need for speed
Enterprise-ready SSDs can help to eliminate the costly 'one size fits all' approach to storage infrastructures...
Barracuda Backup Appliance 390
No right-thinking business would intentionally avoid their data backup obligations, but the management overheads....
Buffalo in Big Data Bingo Blitz bonanza!
Buffalo Studios, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based...
Solving the data growth challenge
New research from ExaGrid Systems...
Simple affordable storage for SMBs
HP aims to accelerate sales in the entry - level segment.
Toshiba Announces 5TB High-Capacity Nearline Enterprise HDDs
Industry's first enterprise capacity drives to feature Persistent Write Cache technologye
Simplified Hybrid Cloud backup from WD
New WD Arkeia 10.2 network backup software reclaims orphaned deduplication blocks incrementally without need for dedicated maintenance windows
The 'internet of things' gets served
New Everyware Server connects devices to enterprise applications
Little Big Disk from LaCie
LaCie Debuts World's Fastest Portable Storage
Big Data means big storage
New research from Qsan suggests more storage spending to come
Hitachi gets closer to CommVault
CommVault expands partnership with HDS
Patent innovation from ExaGrid
Company 'extends its lead' in the backup and restore market
Toshiba to acquire OCZ SSD business?
End to uncertainty over flash specialist's future
GridBank 4.0 released
New 'Data Defined Storage' offering from Tarmin
CMS gets Interactive
VAD acquires enterprise software distributor
Putting a Rocket under archiving
New solution from Quantum
Reducing performance anxiety
Flash array and Enterprise storage systems from NetApp
Is there an echo in here?
Acronis address mobile device management
New Vector in the sector
Sustained Performance and Endurance from OCZ
Keep everything? Not any more!
CommVault Intelligent Archive Solution makes Content Retention, Compliance and Cloud Storage more affordable
High performance NAS for SMBS
Synology has launched the DiskStation DS214, a feature-rich 2-bay NAS server that delivers an optimal price-to-performance..
Array of new options from NetApp
NetApp has introduced two new hardware platforms; the NetApp EF550 flash array, which delivers high performance and consistent low latency for business-critical..
Secure sharing
Acronis has released activEcho 3.0 and mobilEcho 5.0, providing enterprise-level management combined with consumer-grade simplicity for secure file access..
Taking the heat off of archiving
The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has improved business continuity and information compliance...
A matter of trust
Disabled charity Papworth Trust has made the move to Enterprise Cloud Backup and Virtual Disaster Recovery...
No 'blowing hot and cold'...
When replacing its old ERP system, S&P Coil Products avoided the traditional approach...
Backup takes centre stage for LoveFilm
Acquisitions, virtualisation and licensing were just a few of the issues faced by LoveFilm as it reviewed its backup strategy
The educated choice
With growing data volumes and a desire to move to an internal cloud computing platform...
Keeping one eye on the future
Even Oscar winners need tools to cope with the rapid transition from film to digital. In the case of leading post-production studio Framestore...
Better by design
With its world-leading 3D rendering solutions in use by over 3 million users worldwide LightWork Design is used to working...
Hybrid flash arrays take off with Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus, Ireland's national airline, has solved its storage problems by implementing flash driven storage arrays.
Making patient care faster
The University Hospitals of Leicester have been able to significantly improve patient care while reducing costs, thanks to desktop..
Sign of the times
Hampshire-based Test Valley Council is supporting a shared IT services model using a consolidated backup and recovery approach
On good authority
Providing key back office transactional processes shared by two public sector bodies in England, Xentrall has been able to..
The future is still bright
Orange Business Services chose NetApp storage infrastructure as the basis for its move into cloud services provision
Cutting the donkey work with email archiving
Leading worldwide animal charity the Donkey Sanctuary needed to rationalise its approach to email archiving..
Clinical precision
To protect medical records for both traditional and host-based patient care services, EMIS deployed an integrated Quantum..
The right connection
Femern A/S, the company behind one of the world's most ambitious engineering projects, the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel..
Top of the class
The Portsmouth Grammar School has achieved 50% reduction of their email store whilst easing migration to Microsoft..
Credit where it's due
Ageing physical hardware growing daily in both complexity and cost - that was the challenge that faced the Irish..
Curing the PST blues
End user-created email archives present a number of challenges for organisations trying to manage storage performance...
Which side are you on?
DataCore's Augie Gonzalez considers both sides of the storage placement argument and concludes that maybe we don't have to take sides at all
The evolution of the species
Are your storage administrators 'dinosaurs', or young thrusting 'Apprentice' types? NCE's John Greenwood offers some illuminating thoughts...
Adapting to change in a virtual world
Michiel von der Crone of CommVault examines the need for 'global class computing' - described by Gartner as "an approach to designing systems ....
The power of three
Growing businesses need to adopt three good habits: caching, tiering and automatically tuning their storage....
It ain't what you do…
…It's the way that you do it, especially when it comes to building reliable storage arrays, argues Gavin McLaughlin of X-IO
False economy
Nigel Houghton, Regional Sales Manager EMEA at Aptare, argues that monitoring and reporting on your storage infrastructure..
To the edge and back
As business evolves, so do the data management challenges faced by CIOs, argues Michiel von der Crone, Field Advisory..
Tiered Storage: at the Heart of the Data Centre
Nick Spittle, Director of Toshiba Electronics Europe, Storage Products Division examines how a tiered storage architecture..
Big data storage: the real cost
Warren Peel, Managing Director at IT specialist Trams discusses some of the 'real world' issues of Big Data from a storage..
Tiers of joy?
John Greenwood, Director of Sales for Storage & Virtualisation Solutions at NCE, offers some highly personal thoughts..
A solid argument
When and where do SSDs make sense in a SAN? Joost van Leeuwen of OCZ investigates
Attack of the clones
Multiple copies of primary data could be an unrecognised contributor toward rising storage costs, suggests Peter Eicher..
Analytics: time to get real
Michael Bradley, VP Operations & Technology Services EMEA, at Violin Memory examines how emerging storage..
Backup: Spoilt for choice?
Recent years have seen a plethora of new technologies and approaches to the backup market.
In it for the long term
The data storage market isn't set to slow down any time soon, argues Steve Mackey, VP EMEA at Spectra Logic
Protecting your data in a BYOD world
Anders Lofgren, Director of Mobility Solutions at Acronis, discusses the explosion of personal devices in the workplace..
Making consolidation work
Paul Coates, regional vice president, UK, South Africa and Nordics at Riverbed Technology discusses how storage solutions..
Get the most from your virtual environment
Rob Pait, Nexsan Solutions Marketing Director, Imation Corp offers five key considerations for strategic virtualisation..

VDi - Do the economies work at SME level?

This independent paper written by Computing Research explores if VDi can achieve as much in smaller organisations as it can in larger deployments

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Barracuda Backup Appliance 390
No right-thinking business would intentionally avoid their data backup obligations, but the management overheads....
GFI MAX Backup
The growth in cloud backup solutions is now exponential but GFI MAX Backup puts a new spin on this technology..
OCZ StoragePro XL
Deploying SSDs across your enterprise storage infrastructure is increasingly simple to do - but what about monitoring..
Analytics: time to get real
Michael Bradley, VP Operations & Technology Services EMEA, at Violin Memory examines how emerging storage..
Sepaton S2100-ES3
The S2100-ES3 is Sepaton's latest entry into the market for Purpose Built Backup Appliances (PBBAs)..
Synology RackStation RS10613xs+
Synology has always had a sharp focus on the SMB network storage market but its latest RS10613xs+..
The generation game
The lack of cross-generation compatibility between technologies has led Fujifilm to introduce the concept...
The need for speed
Enterprise-ready SSDs can help to eliminate the costly 'one size fits all' approach to storage infrastructures...
The Virtual Reality of Big Data
The true value of Big Data comes when it is transformed into Big Intelligence, argues Michiel von der Crone..
Coming back around
In the second part of our special feature on tape, Warren Peel, MD of Trams, digs a little deeper into the business scenarios..
Virtually disaster-proof
Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are hard enough to manage, without the added complexities of increased..
Drive for perfection
To listen to some experts in the industry would lead you to believe that the hard disk is dead or dying, battered into submission by the upstart SSD..
Alpha mail
For some, the Cloud offers a simple and straightforward solution to their email volume issues, but is it really a fix..
Who’s up for a heated debate?
Never let it be said that Storage magazine likes to stir up trouble...
An increasingly cloudy future…
With a brand new year stretching out before us, there could be no better time for a little crystal-ball gazing: what will be the 'hot topics'...
The hybrids are coming…
No, not a new sci-fi blockbuster appearing soon at your local multiplex - we're talking about hybrid drives of course; the technology that promises to deliver the storage..
Keeping the platters spinning
We've some genuinely fascinating content in this issue of Storage magazine, including a number of different views of the technology behind most storage systems, disk..
Ten 'Storries' High
So, another Storage Awards ceremony bites the dust - the tenth so far, and my first 'proper' awards since taking over the reins at the magazine this time last year
Clouding the issue?
This issue sees a plethora of opinions and bylines from some of the biggest and best known names in the storage industry, as well as some that will probably be..
Take your partners...
As a primarily end-user focused publication, it may seem odd for Storage magazine to want to discuss over several pages what's happening in the channel..
Under pressure to perform?
Scott Harlin of OCZ Storage Solutions, a Toshiba Group Company, discusses ways to address sustained and predictable enterprise...
Uncovering the hidden costs of straight disk..
In this article Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid Systems, explores the hidden costs of settling for a straight disk solution as opposed to selecting...
Defining Moments
Software-defined networking (SDN) is capable of changing the way data centres are architected, says Paul Coates of Riverbed. But the sea change...
How to Build a Hybrid Drive
This article from Mine Budiman, Eric Dunn and Rick Ehrlich of Toshiba's Storage Products Division (SPD) traces the development..
Accelerating change
Faced with the everyday I.T. struggle to achieve low latency and high IOPS, there is more to the issue than just adding SSD flash..
A tale of two architectures
Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid Systems Inc, argues that a scale-out approach is essential to safeguard data for the future
Tired of fixing one data centre bottleneck only to see another one emerge somewhere else? ...
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