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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy
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Mind your own business

Kate Baker of Custodian Data Centre offers 'a colocation perspective' on efficiencies and the role of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

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The virtual CIO

Outsourcing I.T. strategic management is no longer the sole province of the large enterprise, argues Andrew Griffiths of Q Associates

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Changing the channel

Storage magazine speaks to David Galton-Fenzi, CEO of specialist distributor Zycko

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Disruption ahead

In an increasingly cloud-centric world, resellers who are still focused on just 'selling boxes' will be left behind, as Sol-Tec Sales Director Lee Cox explains to Storage magazine editor David Tyler


STAR turn from SanDisk

Client SSD upgrade service "designed to make employee laptop renovations friction-free"

Fujitsu stretch tape even further

Petabyte-scale ETERNUS LT260 Tape Library combines performance and exceptionally high data capacity

IDS takes the Tegile route

Global financial services firm selects Tegile hybrid storage

Manage your hard drives in the cloud

Imation unveils 'High-security, high-performance external HDDs' for Enterprise and Government' capable of being managed in the cloud

Product review


Enterprise storage virtualisation offers many advantages over proprietary hardware solutions including cost effectiveness, no vendor lock-in and excellent scalability

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Case studies

888 caches in

Gaming provider 888.com has improved its storage infrastructure by accelerating SQL Server performance, reducing its external SAN load by 50%

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Storage Awards 2014

The Winner Takes It All...

This year's Storage Awards took place at The Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden and was for many our best awards yet. With 400 of the industry's finest in attendance, the readers of Storage Magazine once again rewarded outstanding products, services and people

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Storage Magazine Service to Industry Award

WINNER: Q Associates - Andy Griffiths
RUNNER UP: arcserve - Chris Ross

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Storage - Channel Excellence Award 2014

WINNER: Hammer - Gerard Marlow
RUNNER UP: Gridstore - Andy Hill

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Welcome to the Storage magazine e-Newsletter for October. If you've ever thought that no-one could possibly have it worse than you when it comes to worrying about data integrity and whether that backup will actually be able to be restored if necessary, spare a thought for the team at NASA who are managing the Mars Exploration Rover, 'Opportunity'. These scientists are trying to remotely gather intelligence from a device over 50 million kilometres away - a device that was sent spinning off into space over ten years ago!

Engineers at NASA recently agreed on the need to perform reformatting on some of the flash memory being used on the Opportunity rover, following 'some resets and malfunctions'. The flash will be checked for worn cells - though obviously there's not much scope for dropping in a physical replacement. Let's hope the boffins can remember the correct command line parameters when the time comes to start the reformat. And the next time you're stressing over the cost to your business of potential storage hardware failures, just count your lucky stars (no pun intended) that your hardware isn't sitting on another planet entirely.

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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