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STORAGE Magazine - Vol 12, Issue 04

Mail Models

Storage Magazine asked a selection of industry experts for their views on one of the longest-running headaches for any IT Department - or indeed any business - the management of email archives. We've summarised a selection of the most interesting (and often controversial) thoughts.

Clouding the issue: Is online BackUp best?

Despite the hype of recent months, there are a number of reasons why backing up to the cloud may not be the ideal approach for business, argues Chris Ross, VP channel sales at CA

Three steps to Storage Heaven

Storage editor David Tyler speaks to Ed Waslsh, Vice President, Marketing and Strategy for Storage at IBM about the Company's three core messages for the market

Survival of the fittest

The advent of the cloud is changing the disaster recovery landscape: A hard to justify 'Nice-to-have' is increasingly viewed as an affordable necessity. But is this necessarily a good thing, and what impact might cloud services and other emerging technologies have on planning for disasters? Storage magazine editor David Tyler reports

To Serve and Protect...

NTT Europe needs to maintain immediate, reliable access to a massive volume of customer data. The Company backs up more than 200 TB nightly - a volume expected to increase exponentially as the company pursues its plan to expand throughout Europe.

Emergencies Serviced

The very nature of the british red cross disaster recovery operations necessitates a secure and reliable backup and recovery system, and a hybrid cloud solution has delivered significant benefits

Making Flash fit in your data centre

When considering the best way to exploit flash in their virsualised data centre, IT Managers must take into account the full list of critical requirements for flash deployments, argues Dr. Allon Chen of OCZ Technology

Storage and Data Networking Convergence: When worlds combine

Historically, Data Networking, Storage Networking and Server Networking took different paths for a variety of technological and political reasons, suggests Eric Hanselman, research director at 451 research, today, these networks are converging in the data centre to crate best-of-breed solutions that improve performance and reduce complexity and costs

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 12, Issue 03

Backup is dead, long live backup

We all see data volumes continuing to rise enormously, while increasing take-up of virtualisation is helping to speed up deployment of new applications. There is a danger that backup/data protection best practices are being left behind. Is this an issue we can simply keep throwing bigger and faster technology at, asks Storage Editor David Tyler, or does it require a wholesale rethink of the practices behind backup and data protection?

Why businesses like yours dedupe

Large enterprises are understandably attracted by the reduced storage demands promised by this intelligent capacity reduction technology. But is data deduplication the smartest solution for your business? Tim Butchart, EMEA VP at data protection specialist SEPATON, explains why readers might benefit from an intelligent dedupe solution

Flash in the enterprise: ready or not?

NAND flash is becoming ubiquitous, its adoption accelerated through retail consumption in smartphones and tablets. Integrating flash into the enterprise storage space, however, delivers surprisingly unpredictable results. Flash technology is mature, so why is the deployment so variable?

This Tarmin man

Storage Editor David Tyler catches up with Shahbaz Ali, founder and CEO of Tarmin Inc., winners of both the Archiving & Compliance Product of the Year and Storage Monitoring Product of the Year for their GridBank product range

OCZ VXL Enterprise Storage Accelerator

This caching solution from OCZ can dramatically improve performance of IP and FC SANs, allowing user organisations to maximise ROI on their existing storage resources.

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 12, Issue 02

Driving a Hard Bargain

Hard Drives are a given in the Storage Industry except when you can't get hold of them, that is!

Ending the Backup Nightmare

What are the issues and challenges that end users of storage are having to face and embrace when it comes to deploying backup software? Brian Wall has been finding out

Big Bang, Big Data

The Big Bang is about to meet Big Data in a 5-year, 32 million Euro ground-breaking new exascale computing project, called DOME

Into the Unknown

The storage market is changing all the time. But where do the vendors think the biggest transformations will be - and what will be their effect? Brian Wall reports

Virtually Yours

Virtualisation has won the hearts and minds of many enterprises. now it’s reaching out to the small to medium sized organisations. Brian Wall reports

Under the Microscope

The pros and cons of inline and concurrent data deduplication examined

Overland Storage SnapServer DX2

The SnapServer DX2 delivered excellent results in our lab performance tests.

ID7 VS-fusion

VS-fusion is a smart solution for increasing application performance that snaps in neatly with your existing storage infrastructure, allowing investment to be maximised.

Counting the Cost

Confidence levels of SMBs in the UK have increased 17%, according to the Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index 2012. Yet system downtime is still costing each firm on average £227,538 a year. Brian Wall reports

The Case for Smarter Storage

Is it sensible to be an extreme sports enthusiast and then go without insurance? So why would you fail to back up the vita information of your business? Brian Wall struggles to find the answer!

Pushing the Curve

Progressive deduplication is now regarded by many as an alternative to traditional deduplication technologies

Magnetic Breakthrough

Scientists have come up with a revolutionary new way of magnetic recording that could have profound consequences for the industry

Eliminating the Trade-offs

In any Disaster Recovery planning process, Business are faced with multiple trade-offs between cost and risk management. How do you get the balance right?

Altered States

It's been a long road, but Solid State Storage is a technology that's finally come of age in the data Centre, if not yet in the laptop/pc market

Battlelines are Drawn

How do you compare the capital, operational and staffing cost differences between internal and cloud storage? It's not so easy, says leading analyst forrester

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 11, Issue 4

Beast of Burden

Every business relies on email; without it, commerce would grind to a halt. Yet, it has also become a real challenge that needs to be tamed, as brian wall reports.

'Puss in Boots' comes alive!

HP and DreamWorks have collaborated to push artistic animation to new heights. The outcome is astounding.

Data challenge Heralds exciting times

The data explosion, coupled with expansion of the 'Cloud', is creating an exciting, financially vibrant environment. And those at the sharp end are embracing this.

Avoiding the Self-destruct button!

Is it sensible to be an extreme sports enthusiast and then go without insurance? So why would you fail to back up the vital information of your business? af Brian Wall struggles to fing the answer!

Going Batty!

Zoological society of london's Bat Research Project has overcome storage issues and taken wing to become a flying success.

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 11, Issue 2

When time is the enemy

When it comes to restoring rapidly deteriorating vintage film stocks, time is of the essence - something those faced with battling this quandary recognise only too well.

Art of the Matter

Digital preservationists are leading a project to preserve the complex digital age, including helping to save digital art from oblivion.

State of the Industry

In the first of a two-part special, we take an in-depth look at the storage issues and challenges that are now emerging for UK Business, and how they might best deal with these in the days ahead

Achieving Gold Standard

Why do some organisations persist in ignoring the need to have proper backup procedures and systems in place? the answer is more complex that it might seem

Solutions with Drive!

Tape drives play a ker role in helping to manage your storage, but is it the solution for your Business? Editor Brian Wall looks at the options

Slack over Hack Attacks

Too many Business are totally Ill-prepared to withstand a hack attack, leaving their valuable data at the mercy of intruders

Banking on the Future

One major Financial Organisation has found the ideal solution to reliably regulate, Future-proof and fully automate backups, achieving full compliance and high performance in the process

The Perfect Blend

Chivas Brothers is renowned for its scotch whisky and premier gin. It pays no less attention to the quality outcome of its storage

Promise VTRAK E630FD

Along with excellent performance, Promise's new VTrak Ex30 appliances score highly for value, as few other storage vendors can come close to this price point.


The Drobo B800i is extremely easy to deploy and configure, offers good performance, and Drobo's BeyondRAID delivers a unique range of storage and RAID array management features.

Boston Igloo NXStor SBB

The Igloo NXStor SBB offers a superb range of network storage features, along with top performance and a remarkable expansion potential. Best of all is that it delivers a fault-tolerant storage cluster in a single system that's very easy to deploy and manage.

SolarWinds Storage Profiler 4.12

Storage Profiler clearly has the tools to manage heterogeneous network storage effectively and proactively. It is extremely easy to deploy, scales very well into the enterprise space and, compared with many SRM point solutions, is remarkably good value.

DataCore Software SANsymphony-V

SANsymphony has always presented a more cost-effective alternative to proprietary network storage solutions and this latest version makes its case even more compelling.

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 10, Issue 3

Virtues Of The Virtual

A virtual storage infrastructure can nearly double capacity utilisation and decrease the costs of management, sometimes by as much as a half. No wonder Many organisations are now embracing this key technology. Brian Wall reports

Virus Fear Plagues I.T. Managers

Almost half of SMB I.T. MANAGERS surveyed across Europe fear the Prospect of recovering data after a virus attack or hard drive failure

Keep Your Snaps Safe!

So Your SAN Does Snapshots - What Next? Commvault’s Joe Fagan Has The Answer

Iron Resolve

IRON MAN 2 is the new blockbuster film starring superhero TONY STARK as the mighty force himself. And Oracle plays a key role in securing his future visionaf

Invest In Innovation

By Working With Dell, Businesses Can Reduce Daily Operating Costs By Up To 50%, Says The Company. And The Key To Making That Happen Lies In Virtualisation

Green Means Business

Greening your storage operations is not just a corporate responsibility and eco friendly way to go. It also delivers big benefits to the business, says BRIAN WALL

Fast, Intellegent, Secure

The IBM XIV STORAGE SYSTEM has speed, is sharp witted and offers the ultimate in performance and security - in fact, exactly what intertrust services was seeking

Call For Backup!

In a mature storage industry, backup and recovery means that ever greater levels of Sophistication are demanded of organisations. BRIAN WALL looks behind the scenes

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 10, Issue 2

Buonstdoen RIG LPORO E64S TS-Sutorre

Supermicro has always been more adventurous with its server design than the blue chips and has delivered a range of innovative solutions to market.

Data Robotics DROBOELITE

The new DroboElite from Data Robotics offers a highly innovative network storage solution that aims to take the pain out of IP SAN and RAID configuration.
LSI SAS 9211-4I
LSI has consistently been at the forefront of storage technology development and stretches its lead even further by delivering the industry's first 6Gb/sec SAS/SATA RAID controllers.
Changing the Rule of Backup/DR

CONTINUOUS DATA PROTECTION (CDP) technology changes the rules of traditional Backup and Disaster recovery (DR) by simplifying overall data protection operations,

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 10, Issue 1

NAS - Leader Of The Pack?

Throughout  I.T., there are hundreds of acronyms that constantly assail us. Three of the most similar of these - NAS, DAS and SAN - are often to be found in close proximity. But what do they all mean and what is their significance? Brian Wall finds out

New Era Of Ingenuity Unleashed…

NCE Computer Group has clocked up more than a quarter of a century as a leading player in the storage industry. Its mission? Quite simply, to provide "the complete data management solution". Editor Brian Wall goes inside to find out what makes it tick

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 9, Issue 7


NCE Computer Group has clocked up more than a quarter of a century as a leading player in the storage industry. Its mission? Quite simply, to provide "the complete data management solution". Editor Brian Wall goes inside to find out what makes it tick

Explosive Thinking

An estimated 2 billion people will be on the web by 2011... And a trillion connected objects - from cars to appliances, from camera to roadways and pipelines – together comprising the 'internet of things', will need to store and manage that data

Extreme Convergence!

Emulex has unveiled a far-reaching new phase in its storage strategy that will help to shape its future direction. Storage magazine editor Brian Wall met with the company's senior executives

Convergence At The Crossroads

Storage Networking...Network Convergence... Converged Networks. These Buzzwords Are Pervading The Storage Industry. But What Do They Mean And What Relevance Might They Have For Your Business?

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 9, Issue 6

Nothing But The Best

Major, often crippling, incidents are not something anyone wants to contemplate. But the prospects of full recovery have much to do with the media used for backup

Reach for the SaaS!

The hype over software-as-a-service (SAAS) has been growing rapidly for months. Is it justified?

Is The Sun Going Down On NAS?

NAS (NETWORK ATTACHED STORAGE) has been a great servant to the industry, but has it had its day? Are other key technologies now supplanting it? Brian Wall finds out

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 9, Issue 5

Muscular Thinking…

An inadequate disaster recovery strategy can mean long downtimes, loss of data, loss of income and

Getting The Email Message
Lack of a properly constructed email archiving strategy can seriously damage your corporate health.

Does Anyone Really Care?

Those who treat compliance as if it were the elephant in the room are taking quite a risk -

Is The Sun Going Down On NAS?
NAS (network attached storage) has been a great servant to the industry, but has it had its day?

Nothing But The Best
Major, often crippling, incidents are not something anyone wants to contemplate.
With A Twist Of Lime
Lime pictures - responsible for some of the best-known and popular drama on British Television
Picture Perfect
ITV.COM has upgraded to compact, energy-efficient NEXSAN SATABEAST XI'S for MAC environments
Data Management Transformed
In order to better serve its population and help staff work to the best of their abilities,
Building For The Future
Britannia building society is improving workflows and simplifying storage management with next

Sanmelody 3.0 From Datacore Software
IP SANs are enjoying an exponential uptake in the SME sector, as they provide a highly cost-effective alternative to Fibre Channel (FC) SANs for network-based storage.

IT departments are certainly feeling the squeeze right now, as boards make sure that companies have to do more with less.
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 9, Issue 2

Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud

Whether everyone in the storage industry can be said to be on 'cloud nine' right now, as the recession continues to bite hard, is really a moot point.

Voyage Of Disk-Overy
One temptation that many organisations are prone to seize on all too readily is to expand their storage hardware as their data growth soars.
STORAGE MagazineVol 8, Issue 6

Recordable Media
More and more businesses are investing in backup systems that are capable of storing vast amounts of data - and broadening their horizons when it comes to pinpointing what might work best for them.

Fragile World

IT managers today find themselves with the challenging task of maintaining the delicate balance between ensuring both information security and availability - and all at a reasonable cost.

Best Of Both Worlds
Sometimes called 'virtual tape', Discto- Disc-to-Tape (D2D2T) takes advantage of the speed of disk by providing a short-term buffering or staging area for backup data, prior to the data being written to tape.

To Infiniband And Beyond
The dilemma facing Mobileye, an innovative computerised vision and automotive electronics Israeli company, was typical for young, aspiring enterprises: marshalling a high-performance computer infrastructure, without the financial resources that are a prerequisite of conventional HPC installation.
Acronis True Image Echo Workstation
Acronis has a very strong pedigree for hard disk imaging and it now puts its expertise to solving the knotty problem of workstation backup.

Atempo Live Backup 3.2
All too often, network backup strategies focus primarily on protecting central servers, with data held on desktops and notebooks usually getting a lower priority or simply not being backed up at all.

Sanmelody Software From Datacore
Uptake of IP SANs has been enjoying exponential growth this year as businesses see the many benefits that iSCSI has to offer for network storage.
STORAGE MagazineVol 7, Issue 8
What's Cooking in Backup Media?
Selecting the right flavour of backup media is critical for any business - but where do you start? Brian Wall puts some of the main solutions on offer to the tape test
The Changing World of Infiniband

infiniband is a low-latency, high-bandwidth cluster interconnect - and itís time to shine has come, says LAURA MANNING, PR EXECUTIVE, HAMMER PLC

San Technology-Finding the Right Gear
What critical factors do storage area networks - or SANs - offer to give businesses that essential edge? Editor Brian Wall has been delving into its deeper benefits
On the Right Track
a London-based agency is minimising the risk to its business and clients by implementing a business continuity solution across its entire operations
How to Handle the Data Explosion!
Ron Condon, of information management company EMC, assesses the impact that rocketing data volumes will have on business and suggests ways to handle the challenge
How to Handle the Data Explosion!
Storage Expo 2007 was a showcase for the latest developments in data storage - and it hit the mark with visitors and exhibitors alike
3Ware Sidecar
The SideCar represents a new direction for RAID controller maestros 3Ware, as this desktop-appliance aims to deliver a pile of high-performance direct attached storage to power-hungry users.
EMC has acquired privately-held Voyence
STORAGE MagazineVol 7, Issue 7
Undervalued, Poorly Served
The I.T. industry has grossly under-served small and medium-sized business customers in meeting their storage needs,
treasure trove of Knowledge
The British Library has turned to Nexsan technology to preserve a vital resource for future generations
The Path To True
What is the most valuable asset of any business?
Sassy Moves
AMCC has unveiled its new SAS technology -
Switching Channels
CNBC makes programming compelling by providing a daily stream of animation,
Rising Above Risk
British Airways has invested in SAN monitoring software from CA to mitigate DOWNTIME risk to critical systems
Out of the Shadows ...Into the Light
Editor Brian Wall looks at strategies to take businesses out of the confusing shadows of data retention TO A PLACE OF GREATER CLARITY
Know Your Enemy
The first step towards a data protection management strategy is to understand your applicable threat risks,
How To Avoid Data Overload?
Storage Expo 2007 is where you can find out about all of the new data storage technologies available for organisations seeking to cope with the massive data growth they are now encountering
Data Disaster Looms - Is your business safe?
Some 65% of mid-size European enterprises are not properly prepared for data loss
FalconStor Software CDP
The uptake of virtual machine technology is growing massively across a wide range of market sectors as more and more businesses see the benefits it can offer.
LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 8888ELP
LSI Logic has been a busy company this past year as along with a number of key acquisitions it's been steadily building up its RAID controller product lines and now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges currently on the market.
QLogic Sandbox 9000
nterprise level core fibre channel SAN switches have traditionally commanded very high price premiums but QLogic's latest SANbox 9000 Series aims to remedy this with a highly cost-effective,
Lefthand Networks San/Iq 7
IP SANs have come of age and now offer a more cost-effective and versatile network storage solution than many FC SAN products.
STORAGE MagazineVol 7, Issue 6
Beast That Roars For Appliance of Science
Scientific research is now opening up new pathways towards a greater understanding of the genetic basis of many common ailments that have plagued and perplexed humanity for centuries. Editor Brian Wall reports.
"Easy, Easy, Easy!"
the beautiful game is given a Helping Hand as the Premier League standardises on Document Management from EASY SOFTWARE
NASA Gets Lift-Off!
Mission-critical data at the Dryden Flight Research Center, NASA's premier flight research and test organisation, is to be managed by Exanet software
All At Sea ...On a Raft of rules and Regulations
Compliance is a tricky issue and there are no quick fixes, as editor Brian Wall reports
Film Giant Embraces Digital
The entertainment industry is in the midst of what is an historic shift from celluloid to digital, which is revolutionising the way studios create content, and how they sell and distribute it
Revolution in The Air
IBM'S Project Big Green could see a massive 80% cut in data centre energy consumption.
LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 82o8ELP
The rack server market is driving a strong demand for low-profile RAID controllers,
STORAGE MagazineVol 7, Issue 5
Success Shines Through
Truck-Lite, the world's largest commercial vehicle lighting company, is illuminating its storage through the use of virtualisation
The Candy Man Can...
Jamie Oliver's Sweet As Candy business enterprise has found just the right ingredients to handle its ever increasing storage requirements
...More Than Just Another Acronym
Brian Wall looks at ILM best practice in detail and identifies the next-generation ILM strategies delivering the technology platforms that are enabling companies to protect, retain, access, dispose of and prove the integrity of their stored information
The Heartbeat of Your Strategy
Storage needs to deliver the right information, to the right place, at the right time.
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 7, Issue 4
C5 Embraces The Bigger Picture
Following a comprehensive review of its rapidly expanding storage needs,
Double-Take Rises to the Occassion
Every business wants to reduce the risk to the business from server failure.
Happy Feat!
The Oscar-winning animated film 'Happy Feet' has been enchanting audiences everywhere with its heart-warming storyline and stunning visuals -
Imaging Is Everything
Leading-edge imaging equipment is providing radiologists with ever more detailed images of their patients.
Melody That Proved Sweet Music
Volkswagen Financial Services is enjoying a range of tangible cost benefits that already outweigh the initial cost of its new SANmelody solution
Are you Connected in the Right Places?
NAS is seen in many quarters as an ideal choice for organisations looking for a simple and cost-effective way to achieve fast data access for multiple clients at the file level.
Have You Got The Right Protection?
As enterprises increasingly seek to include remote global locations in day-to-day business operations,
The Greening of Business
There is growing recognition that our traditional energy supplies are neither endless, nor secure -
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 7, Issue 3
KOP That! Liverpool FC Continues its winning ways
Liverpool Football Club is used to being a winner and boasts a glorious history, based on great teams and wise management.
Watch This DSPACE!
When one of Germany's most innovative high-tech companies was looking for a solution to manage its email,
Beware of Pitfalls!
What are the potential traps to avoid in email archiving?
The Business End of Consolidation
How exactly do organisations identify, and deal with, the main issues and challenges around consolidation?
The Thieves Inside the Gates
Data theft is on the rise and, while it is not directly concerned with storage,
What Will Be The Future Of  Our Planet?
Gone are the days when energy costs, power availability and their often dire environmental consequences can be ignored.
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 7, Issue 2
Wired for Service
Pundits are already singing the praises of utility computing -
X-ray Visions
One of the most ambitious medical applications of grid computing is the EU-funded MammoGrid project.
Beware the Ticking Clock!
The importance of backup has been so widely documented - indeed screamed from the rooftops -
Centre of the Universe
Data centres lie at the heart of many enterprises smooth operation
Finding the Champion Solutions
If you want to ensure you are one of the success stories when it comes to selecting the best archiving hardware
Living in the Reel World
An historic two-year partnership between HP and the British Film Institute is proving something of a financial lifesaver -
Only Connect 
Safeguarding data in this age of advanced connectivity has become a highly vexed question.
Widening the Net
NetApp recently unveiled a new suite of data centre offerings -
STORAGE Magazine  - Vol 7, Issue 1
A Word in Your Ear
Ear Productions is something of a 'cause celebre' in the world of business continuity training -
Ironclad Protection
Enterprise Group is committed to continuous data protection from Iron Mountain and Backup Direct, with electronic vaulting services protecting internal and client data against disaster
Still Waters Run Deep
Leading stock photography service provider, Image Source, has turned to ONStor to DELIVER its storage scalability needs
Continuity or Collapse? The Choice is Yours
When it comes to disaster recovery-business continuity, you are only as safe as the systems put in place to cope with such an event.
Journey into the Beyond
Which will be the hot buttons and drivers across the storage industry in the next 12 months?
New British Standard Wins Massive Support
The close management of Business Continuity is an imperative that is gaining ever more credence, as editor Brian Wall reports elsewhere in this issue.
Taking the Sting Out of the Risk
Business Continuity - The Risk Management Expo 2007 is the definitive event on risk, resilience and recovery, and is set to hit the capital in March.
Tape Backup Launch Targets Growing Businesses
Breece Hill has unveiled two new entries in the market for backup technologies for small and medium-sized businesses that are poised to take advantage of the need for high-capacity, low-maintenance data storage
STORAGE Magazine  - Vol 6, Issue 9
Making All The Right Connexions
With constantly expanding volumes of data, Connexions - a government support service in England specifically catering for the needs of young people -
Back to Backup Basics...
Selecting the right tape backup media for your organisation and its particular requirements is a major learning curve,
Sane or Insane?
The notion that SANs - Storage Area Networks -
The Intel on Intel
Storage hardware is becoming more cost effective, while the volume of data that has to be stored is continually rising.
Virtualization All Wrapped Up
Most of the business benefits of virtualisation can be gained with standard disk arrays or heterogeneous virtualisation appliances.
Bridgehead Software HT Filestore
The days are long gone when network administrators could simply throw more hardware at their storage-related problems.
Never Fail SQL Server
There is certainly no shortage of server fault-tolerant solutions on the market,
STORAGE Magazine  - Vol 6, Issue 8
Where No San Has Gone Before....
NASA Langley Research Center provides mission-critical data across the aerospace industry.
An Acquired Taste
Forget the LURID headlines about whats been happening in the football transfer market.
Construction Computing 2006
David Chadwick previews this year's event, to be held at The Barbican, London 22nd-23rd November 2006
Faster, Better, Cheaper, Smarter
According to recent statistics, enterprise storage needs -
Network Data: Encryption the Right Way
Greg Farris of MaXXan reviews the options for encrypting data as an additional line of defence in the network,
No Room at the INN
Dave Gingell, VP Marketing EMEA at EMC Software,
Revolution in the Making
As the Internet and related activities continue to expand, the amount of data that needs to be stored is equally in growth.
Turbocharged IBM
How serious is IBM about storage?
The Tape Backup and Restore Challenge
Voyage of Disco-Very
Is disc-to-disc-to-tape (D2D2T) the way forward for those swamped by their data storage challenges?
Reldata IP Storage Gateway 9200
Whereas many network storage vendors would like to lock you in to their own solutions,
STORAGE Magazine  - Vol 6, Issue 7
A Sting in the Tale
Leading musician and composer Kipper has worked with some of the brightest and the best.
Brain Power
A state-of-the-art Apple Xserve cluster is providing the processing punch required by the York Neuroimaging Centre to conduct 'serious science'
Delivering the Goods
With many independent software vendors now promising 100% service level agreements, the question that needs to be resolved is: can they actually deliver on their promise?
The Heart of the Matter
Lancaster University is playing a key role in probing into the very nature of matter more deeply than has ever been possible before
Backup Hardware: The Right Strategies
With an ever-increasing variety of data protection companies, technologies and techniques coming on to the market,
Rival Formats: United by Fate!
The two emerging superstars of high-definition digital videodisc are set to do battle -
Adic Scalar I500
First seen in the Scalar i2000 tape library, ADIC's iPlatform technology offers enterprises a scalability that few other vendors can match.
Disuk Paranoia2
In the quest for total security, many businesses only worry about data whilst it is in-house and fail to spot its vulnerability when it leaves the premises.
LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 8344ELP
LSI Logic has a very strong presence in the storage adaptor market and it's really no surprise,
STORAGE Magazine  - Vol 6, Issue 6
Ask many people what they did for the weekend and they'll probably say something like, 'shopping', 'pub', 'golf' or 'put my feet up'.
How High are Your Standards
Five of the industry's most influential solutions providers have joined forces to launch a coordinated effort designed to bring about what they describe as the "advance [of] industry-standard storage management"
Right Place, Right Technology
Information Lifecycle Management - ILM - can bring any organisation enormous benefits, maximising the value of that data at the lowest cost at every point of the lifecycle.
Virtual Dreams Come True
What constitutes a well executed virtualisation engine?
LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 83o8ELP
Choices in the high-performance hard disk arena have been limited to parallel SCSI for far too long.
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 6, Issue 4
When it comes to email archiving, businesses need a system that will store, manage and allow access to all emails over their lifecycle -
Quantum set to seize controls at ADIC
Storage giant sets its sights on yet another company to expand its increasingly formidable market presence
NetApp stakes its claim for leadership
Network Appliance - NetApp - has stepped up its bid for dominance in the open systems storage space, with the launch of a new suite of solutions
Rapidly mounting costs are causing deep concerns for senior business executives
Email is undoubtedly the business application of the Internet
In today's competitive business environment, you can't afford to have a fragmented I.T. environment spread across different regions,

STORAGE Magazine  - Vol 6, Issue 3

Maximising disk I/O performance - the benefits of SAS

SAS and SATA have revolutionised the speed of storage interconnectivity compared with previous generation systems.
Just how do you store those large volumes of data that reside right across more and more organisations?
How do you safeguard your data in this age of advanced connectivity?
A new report reveals major gaps in long-term management of valuable digital assets.
The face looking out at us from the cover of this month's issue needs little introduction,
Next-generation storage systems are helping to ensure that the memories of more than six million victims of the Holocaust
When looking for a data protection solution, Specialist global reinsurance writer,

STORAGE Magazine - Vol 6, Issue 2


Rumour has it that most I.T. managers and other decision makers in the UK still do not have a proper grasp on their statutory obligations
There's no doubt that the issues around compliance are causing massive headaches for many organisations.
etwork Appliance has announced what it describes as "a broad new array of products,
When the Indian Ocean tsunami struck in December 2004,

The Coal Authority maintains and manages mining maps, plans, historic photos and documents in the UK, dating back prior to 1872.

The days of a blockbuster movie being edited by cutting up strips of film and gluing them together are long gone.
Astronomers throughout the UK now have a valuable new research tool at their disposal,
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 5 No 07
Any backup strategy must ensure essential data is easy to restore and access, and that original data files and paths are preserved.
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 5 No 06
Many organisations may be storing up huge problems for themselves by failing to archive data, while others rely on manual processes to carry out the task.
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 5 No 02
Building an ILM Future
Soaring statutory obligations relating to data retention and availability are putting huge pressures on businesses everywhere.
Streets ahead - And saved for posterity!
The Information Please online almanac lists just two inspiring milestones for 1969. One is Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon. The other is .....
Nexsan SATABlade
National storage manager Alan Russell outlines Kodak Service & Support's position in the storage industry in run-up to Storage Expo 2004
Storing up Trouble
Simply adding more and more hardware as your data expands may not be a wise strategy, says research company, THE BUTLER GROUP
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 5 No 01
Vaulting Ambition
CommVault has made significant strides forward in the lifecycyle data management stakes with the launch of its second-generation QiNetix unified data management software suite. Editor Brian Wall takes a close-up look
Falling through the safety net
With the focus increasingly on compliance and the appropriate storage of proliferating data, is enough attention being paid to the backup and restore sequence? .
Intransa IP5500 Storage Solution
Fibre channel SANs have traditionally offered the best combination of storage performance.
Racing Certainty
The partnership between McLaren Racing and Computer Associates has entered a dynamic new phase in terms of....
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 4 No 06
It's a Classic!
Network attached storage (NAS) has always been a good choice for capacity expansion at the SMB level, although it is often accused of being overpriced. The Classic 340 remedies this by .........
The Real Deal
With more than 1,200 employees across Europe, leading real estate services provider Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker needed a reliable IT infrastructure to drive its customer-centric business. It chose to work in close partnership with Hawke in order to analyse and resolve the issue.
Exabyte VXA-2 PacketLoader 1x10 1U
Exabyte's New PacketLoader Release is Loaded with Pluses.
Syncsort has released its newest version of Backup Express, the enterprise data protection solution, with a significantly enhanced version of the backup and restore features already built in to the solution.
Formula Won!
From Super One Karting to Formula One, the Renault brand is synonymous with every level of motorsport, both nationally and internationally. Nowhere is the action hotter or more exciting than in Formula 1, where the Renault F1 motor racing team competes in the world championship-the pinnacle of motor racing.
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 4 No 05
Hollyoaks - ADIC - TV star
Mersey Television is the innovative programme maker behind mega-hits 'Hollyoaks', 'Grange Hill', 'Brookside' and 'The Courtroom'. To manage the vast amounts of data associated with TV production, the company has installed ADIC's Pathlight VX disk-to-tape solution and Scalar 100 tape library.
Suite Smell of Success
Storage requirements in the enterprise are being driven along at a tremendous rate, making it essential that administrators manage their resources effectively to avoid expensive wastage and unnecessary upgrades, argues Dave Mitchell.
KODAK Outlines Winning Strategy
National storage manager Alan Russell outlines Kodak Service & Support's position in the storage industry in run-up to Storage Expo 2004
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 4 No 04
The Storage Industry Awards (The 'Storries')
The Storries took place at the Hotel Russell in London on June 17th. The aim of the awards was to recognise storage products & companies who, in the view of Storage Magazine readers, excelled in their particular field. The event was a big success and plans are already afoot for next years awards.
Practical Magic
Hollywood movies are increasingly computer-generated. Big-budget pictures use effects in every shot, but more modest films have started using CG imagery as well, to reduce costs. As a result, post-production houses are under constant pressure to increase capacity while also keeping up with the very latest technical advances - putting huge demands on their data storage.
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 4 No 03
Exabyte VXA-2 PacketLoader 1x10 1U
The PacketLoader impresses with its very low profile, as this is the first 1U or 1.75in. high system we've seen.
Compliance Part 2 - A box to tick or a new way of life?
In this second part of the feature looking at electronic data storage compliance, Ray Smyth explores what all this means on the ground. How should an organisation approach the establishing of compliance and what are the real objectives?
ATA: front-runner or Trojan Horse?
Roger Turner, Director Hardware Marketing, EMEA, Hitachi Data Systems warns that ATA is a classic case of horses for courses
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 4 No 02
Are your SLA's exposed?
With storage as a strategic part of the professional IT mix, what help is there for the beleaguered IT department?
Compliance Part 1 - A weapon of mass persuasion?
In the first of a two-part feature, Ray Smyth examines the issues surrounding compliance for electronic data storage.
Is Your Backup Compliant?
By Scott Gordon, Vice President, Marketing, NeoScale Systems, Inc.
StorageTek's vision of the future
Todd Rief, StorageTek's Director of Operational Strategy, considers the way ahead for the storage market in general - and StorageTek in particular.
STORAGE Magazine - Vol 4 No 01
Sony StorStation SAITe1300
On price it is clear that Sony is pitching the S-AIT format at the enterprise level as the SAITe1300 compares very favourably with the alternatives from IBM and StorageTek.
Seeing The Light
Optical storage developments mean that magneto-optical disks and CD/DVD are seeing their replacements. Plasmon's UDO and Sony's PDfD have arrived. Holographic storage may be waiting in the wings.
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